Today…Again and again

Today, for a moment, the world stopped.
A heartbeat stuck in time.
A second to replay again and again
and again.
Pause.  Believe in the rewind…
yet the button permanently broke
A now-ache to become another accustomed tattoo;
unwashable, unblending.

Today the realm of wisdom ceased.
A world unknown ventured into awareness.
A whisper unheard to hear again and again
and again.
Pause. Believe in the silence.
find the signs in the every day, passable seconds.
A now-secret to become the sole truth of you;
faithfully unquestioning.

Today, no other horror existed, save only
A view without you.
A dagger in my chest twisting again and again
and again.
Pause. Believe in the power of the circle…
for we return to dust and with no bonds, dust flies.
A now-understanding of a yearly ritual,
heavily unfiltered.

Today, a new halo was placed upon a spirit so fragile.
An angel whose scathed body now new.
A Soul stretching her beautiful, unchained wings again and again
and again.
Pause. Breathe you in.
watch as my clasped hands and silent words find you.
A now-guardian to protect and guide us;
unyielding, unending.

Today, I miss you.
Again and Again and Again.


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