There I Stand

This is the start of an ending
that had to end
And a beginning of a beginning
that just began.

When a slate made clean
sees its barriered worth
And a light ignited has been
burning since birth.

When the time running out
is the sand refilled
And the storm in the sky equates
the land pre-tilled

There I stand.

This tomorrow’s tomorrow
started decades ago.
And what seems un-preconceived
is opposite a blow.

When a new road uncured
was previously laid
And what seems a fresh debt
in reality’s been paid.

When a song unsung
joyously overplays
And a masterpiece unsculpted
sits in displayed clay.

There I stand.

This is the rainbow painted broadly
but clouds are days away
and the crop still unharvested
yet its seeds have been laid.

When footprints in the sand fail
to vanish in tide
And a promised destiny flashes
a seared memory in mind.

When a pen on paper spills
secrets revealed in ink.
And I know it’s time to jump-
swim or sink.

There I stand.



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