Sensory Support

If you have a "mover," I feel you. If I could count on one hand the number of times I have been told, "he is a boy - they move," I would be lucky... but I can't. We are blessed with a teacher who listened to us and substantiated our concerns.

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Unicorn Drink, remix

I am not judging you if you went to Starbucks and quickly snagged the Unicorn drink. Mad props to them for an awesome marketing idea.  That said, sugar and my child do not exactly blend well (see what I did there.. frap.. blend...). A few inspiring posts later from some health-coach friends and here is the result!… Continue reading Unicorn Drink, remix


Essential Oils Quick Tip – Air Filters

Ready for about the fastest essential oil tip ever? Take an air filter, add some drops of your essential oil of choice and bam - instant house fragrance without the use of candles or synthetic sprays/plug ins/etc. Reapply as the scent fades and depending on the oils you use, less is often more. We are… Continue reading Essential Oils Quick Tip – Air Filters


Dear Depressed Friend; I see you

And my friend, I want you to know I hear you. I hear your cries and your pain. I hear your voice and it is beautiful and real. I hear your care and it touches all types. I hear your frustration. I hear you picking yourself back up off the ground. I hear your work. Above all of this... there is one thing I really, really want you to know.